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25 Thrive

Become a monthly donor and help develop leaders for today and tomorrow!

25 Thrive members are a special group of donors who help F. H. Jenkins Preparatory School carry out its daily mission of "Inspiring Leaders, Cultivating Excellence."

25 Thrive members make monthly, automatic donations every month, which makes it easier for FHJ Prep plan long-term, budget more efficiently, and create more exceptional teaching and learning moments.

Why be a monthly donor?

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with small payments spread out month-to-month, a 25 Thrive donation can fit any budget. 

Year-Long Impact: 

25 Thrive members make a difference every day with reliable, ongoing donations.

Hassle Free: 

Your donation occurs automatically each month. You are able to cancel at any time. 

ways to give

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Payment in full by cash, check, or credit card

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25Thrive Program

Become a recurring donor by putting your donation on a set schedule (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually) either by credit card or debit card.

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Matching Gift

Pledge: A promise to pay in installments or one sum.


Matching: Many employers match employee contributions. Inquire with your Human Relations office to see if your employer matches donations.

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Special Gifts

Memorials and Gifts of Honor - gifts to memorialize or honor an individual or group

Planned Gifts - gifts of stock, real estate, life insurance, cash, or a bequest in a will.

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