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A rationale for summer reading:

  • To generate interest and pleasure in reading that enriches the educational experience

  • To prepare for thoughtful reading and discussion upon return to class in the Fall

  • To use time not available during the year to expand one’s reading repertoire

  • To keep the mind active and engaged in learning new things



General Instructions:

  • Use a journal during your summer reading to take notes about the main characters, main events, and portions of the book that made an impression on you.

  • Make sure you have READ each of the books assigned in its entirety.

  • You must read a minimum of 3 books this summer. There is 1 required text that you MUST read, and the other 2 books are to be of your choosing. In the table below you will see the required texts for your grade level.


Reading Lists

Click on the title of the text to purchase at 

2020 Middle/High School Summer Reading List

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