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Each year the F. H. Jenkins Preparatory School body participates in the Maroon and Gold competition. This competition seeks to  boost school spirit and community amongst our scholars and families. The Maroon and Gold competition is centered around our four core principles—mental, physical, social and spiritual.


Maroon and Gold are not just F. H. Jenkins’ school colors; they represent years of spirited tradition. Each scholar is assigned a color when they enter our halls, and they will remain “maroon” or “gold”

until they graduate from eighth grade and beyond. Family members are also assigned to the same team, adding a generational element to this tradition.

F. H. Jenkins emphasizes a holistic approach to education—mental, physical, social and spiritual. These principles will be reflected in the Maroon and Gold competition, where athletic achievements, spiritual leadership, active involvement, and classroom gains earn points for each team. The Maroon and Gold competition teaches scholars about healthy competition and teamwork. They learn how to win or lose gracefully and how to carry out responsibilities as part of a team. The Maroon and Gold competition also offers an opportunity for leadership, as each team elects a male and female 8th grade scholar to serve as team captains for the year.

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