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I have loved my experience at F. H. Jenkins. My son made so much progress since he's been there. I love that Jenkins emphasizes literacy. My son did not read when he started kindergarten, but by the end of the year, he reads and likes it.  Because he reads every day, my two younger children (ages one and two), are always sitting down with books as though they are reading. Now, I have a household of children who want to read.

Pastor Alicia Jones

Nashville, Tennessee

Hello my name is Semone Jeffries and my time at F.H. Jenkins has been quite extensive from the time I entered in the third grade until now. My daughter attends and will soon be an alumnus of F.H. Jenkins. The FHJ opportuniy came right on time for my daughter. We were going through some challenges at another school and I didn't know how deeply she was affected by attending that school until we moved to Jenkins.  This has been a wonderful experience. Jenkins gave her what it gave to me: a full background in knowing Christ while building our self-confidence. The academic program helped my daughter realize that she could succeed in her school work. I loved the smaller class size and the individual attention that the teachers provided. This has given her a chance to catch up on things she missed and built up her strengths. Jenkins has always been able to meet a student at his or her point of need.The students are wonderful there; like one big family, and they are all brothers and sisters who  take care of each other. Along with this, my daughter feels that she has met some of the most beautiful people she could ever meet. It's true! I gained lifelong friendships that I have to this day, and my daughter will have her friends forever. Thank you F. H. Jenkins Preparatory school.

Semone Jeffries

Nashville, Tennessee

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