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Third and fourth grade are critical years in a scholar's learning trajectory. In these years, scholars are delving deeper into critical thought. During this time, they are transitioning between lower elementary and middle school, and are becoming more independent thinkers. 

Each day is begun with their homeroom teacher spending time with God through worship and Bible instruction. At F. H. Jenkins we firmly believe that Christ is at the center of all learning and we aim to start every morning learning of Him. 

At F. H. Jenkins we use the GO Math! K-8 program. This program provides engaging and interactive lessons that lead students to deeper conceptual understandings of the standards. We also use the By Design science curriculum. This curriculum teaches science from a Christian perspective and encourages inquiry as a primary method for learning. Finally, students are engaged in rigorous literacy instruction that pushes them to be critical analysts and evaluators of text. Pathways curriculum is used as a tool to guide students toward literacy success. 




LaShiante Phillips

Mrs. Phillips graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Science in Teaching All Learners (K-6 Elementary Education and K-12 Special Education). She later received her Masters of Education in Teaching Excellence from Bethel University. She is currently attending Grand Canyon University as a doctoral student in Organizational Development, with an emphasis in K-12 Leadership.


As an educator, it is her goal to nurture her students and provide them with an enjoyable and safe learning environment. She wants to instill a love for learning in them that will motivate them and make them eager for what life has to offer. She believes that as students learn who God is, they develop a sense of who they are in Christ and who they want to be in the future!


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