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The purpose of F. H. Jenkins Preparatory's high school program is to develop, empower, and prepare scholars to be contributing citizens of society. In partnership with families and community, our goal is to create relevant learning opportunities for scholars—both inside and outside the classroom—that help them develop knowledge, critical thinking skills, and the character necessary to succeed andcontribute to society.

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The F. H. Jenkins’ high school program is designed to be a college preparatory program. Scholars entering our program will be taking courses that will prepare them for college acceptance and success in higher education. 


The F. H. Jenkins’ high school program seeks to create experiences that give
scholars a view of

the workforce. We believe strongly that scholars should begin to engage in a variety of

career spaces with the intention of learning more about themselves and their career interests. Our program will include job-shadowing  opportunities and internships.


As a result of the value that will be placed on developing a heart for service, F. H. Jenkins will require all high school scholars to complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service each year. We strongly believe that service to others has a profound impact on character development, and one's worldview. 

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Prior to the launch of their freshmen year, incoming freshman will participate in a one week “Gear Up” boot camp. They receive resources, participate in high school preparation activities, take learning style and career inventories, as well as participate in personal goal setting tasks.


Throughout the school year they will participate in a variety of other mandated workshops that will assist them in being successful high school students. Workshops will include topics such as: time management, self-awareness, dealing with anxiety and stress, and much more.





F. H. Jenkins Preparatory School will provide shadowing experiences. Scholars will be allowed to select businesses of their choice for their job shadowing experiences. As a part of our high school program, scholars will be required to participate in a variety of job shadowing experiences. Each scholar will be provided with a list of Preferred Business Partners, and we would like for your company to be an official preferred business partner of F. H. Jenkins Preparatory School.


What does being a preferred business partner entail?

  • Allow 9th grade scholars to job shadow at least once a month at your location

  • Complete a job shadow evaluation at the culmination of each visit

  • Select one employee for a scholar to interview and shadow

  • Allow scholar to shadow for a minimum of 4 hours


Complete the form below to become Preferred Business Partner








Thank you! We look forward to partnering with you!

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